Women On Target With Your Local NRA

A lot of people I talk to are surprised to learn that they have been missing out on no-cost firearms training from their local NRA.  It’s always fun to tell a woman about the shooters at my local members council who demonstrate excellent marksmanship and are pro-2A activists.  I get a lot of weird faces from people, my being in California.  But we’re here nonetheless, in most communities, and we offer no-cost firearms training which we call “Women On Target” at least a few times annually.

If you’re not yet a member of the National Rifle Association, you should consider it.  You really should.  Because there are many benefits to joining the NRA, besides 24-7 protection of your 2A rights.  But to participate in Women on Target, you need not even be a member of the NRA.  It’s only $35 to join the NRA, which is like 10 lattes that you’ll have to sacrifice per year.  Even my grandma can make that sacrifice, and she’s at Starbucks twice a week!


You’ll need to make a $25 deposit to reserve your space, but this will be refunded after the course.  And you must cancel with at least 72 hours notice, because space is limited and if you can’t attend then guaranteed there is another lady that wants to.

Check out some photos of a recent Women on Target here.  This one happens to be from my local chapter, the Antelope Valley Members Council of the NRA.

All of the ladies that completed the 1-day course received a certificate of completion and had a great time.

And it always surprises me to find out that not all of the attendees are wives of members.  Many are just acquainted with the group or found our website while looking for firearms training.  We bring out the best NRA trainers from around the state every time we run one of these clinics, and the instructors are passionate and well-qualified, with no trace whatsoever of any “drill seargent” demeanor.  Just honest-to-goodness liberty-loving 2A activists like yours truly.


If you want to learn more about those benefits of joining the NRA which I mentioned earlier, check out this video by a young NRA recruiter out of Palmdale, CA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLYF9xdVt-Q


2017 is poised to be another breakout year for the National Rifle Association’s surging membership roles.  We are currently exceeding four million members (actual numbers are not disclosed), and there has never been a better time to join, as the left coast passes increasingly alarming and repressive laws year after year.

New Laser Holsters for Pistols, Revolvers, and Hand Guns

Glock 22 Gen 4

Lasersightpro has just added a wider collection of tactical holsters to their already growing collection of laser holsters that fit pistols, Glock 22 guns, and various revolvers with laser sights and tactical accessories attached. Many gun owners with laser sights and tactical rail-mounted lights wish to carry their weapons on belts or concealed, and may not be to carry with their rail gun gadget if they don’t have the right holster that will accommodate the accessory. For this very purpose, Laser Sight Pro is gathering information and details on all of the holsters out there from the top holster makers and making them available for purchasing on an easy-to-use fitting chart.

Laser sights are becoming more popular every year, and Glock 22 owners are in need of better holsters to accommodate their accessories. A few years back holsters that would fit laser sights were nearly impossible to find unless a custom holster was made. Glock 22 owners would purchase laser sights for their weapons, and then they wouldn’t be able to attach them when carrying their weapons in their holster. Custom holsters can be very costly and take a while to get.

Within the last year or so, however, gun holster manufacturers have finally opened their eyes to the growing trend of laser sights and other rail accessories. They are making holsters that allow pistols with lasers attached to fit in the holsters securely. Some of the top manufacturers include SpringTac Holsters, Pro-Tech, Bulldog, BlackHawk, Desantis, Viridian Tacloc, and Fobus. Laser Sight Pro recently added new Fobus Tactical Holsters that will fit the gun:Glock 22. However, there are also other universal holsters that fit most pistols and revolvers, including SpringTac’s patent pending clamshell leather holsters. The new firearms training tactical holster made by Fobus have a unique rotating housing that locks into dozens of positions, and they’re as a belt for standard or duty, as well as a simple paddle holster.

Whether you decide to lie in wait at a defensible location or stalk whoever is breaking into your home, utilize the techniques of stealth by breathing and moving silently, minimize body movements by shifting your eyes instead of your head, and melt in the shadows. Be the predator instead of the prey. An excellent preparedness program is to play scenarios in your mind on how many ways a criminal can violate your household and how to deal with them accordingly. After the mental part comes the physical portion of the preparedness drills by practicing those scenarios. So, when a real incident occurs, you are able to handle almost any situation.

Which State Do You Live In?

Americans and Canadians Train Together

Regardless of whether or not you’ve been handling firearms for many years, or are a full-fledged beginner, everyone can benefit from a firearms training course.  New shooters are introduced to previously unknown skills for handling and shooting a firearm safely and properly, where experienced shooters discover brand new techniques that help fine tune and polish their skills. If you own a firearm, or are considering getting a firearm, it’s important to enroll in a firearms training course in Florida, like the courses offered by the experts at Accurate Edge.

At Accurate Edge, we offer a slew of courses to ensure you find a firearms training course that is better in tune with your specific needs. The types of training you should attend, and how often, is something that is reliant on your anticipated use of your firearm. For sporting purposes, like hunting, target practice and range shooting is all you need to fine tune your aim and also learn how to safely handle a firearm. For self-defense and home defense purposes, you will be required to learn a totally different skill set.  At Accurate-Edge.com, we offer a firearms training cours for everyone, including NRA certified programs that concentrate on self-defense for experts and beginners.

Many skills that are necessary for the safe handling and execution of a firearm are instinctual, but of course it’s better to learn how to better operate not only the firearm, but your instincts. When someone first gets their hands on a firearm, the first instinct is to rest the finger on the trigger. Without the proper skills and knowledge of safely handling a firearm, accidents can happen. A firearms training course like the ones offered by Accurate Edge in Florida will help polish accuracy and teach basic and instructor-level tactical training courses to not only keep you safe, but keep others around you safe. With over 23 years of experience in firearm safety instruction, you can rest assured that a Firearms training course from Accurate Edge will help you properly and safely handle a firearm for any reason.